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Emerson Mobile App Photo taken by Derek Palmer on 8/23/17 for Emerson College

Student Team Develops New, Improved Emerson App

Over the past summer, Emerson College has grown a lot. Through creating a new dining center, a new residence hall, and a new brand, Emerson has shown its willingness and excitement for change. In May 2017, Emerson hired its first student-run mobile app team to develop a second version of the Emerson app, consisting of Ben Fuhrmann ‘17, Jess Guida ‘19, and Pat Timmons ‘17. Their supervisor, Jason Beals, Director of Web Services, was excited to hire a student-run team.

“As I evaluated other colleges’ apps that were created with student input, they were always more engaging and useful,” Beals said. “It was time to unleash the creativity of Emerson’s students on a project that would directly benefit them.”

The team of three was given a wishlist from students who directly contributed to the development of the new app with their opinions in focus groups. Over the past few months, the team has been working on creating the most intuitive, useful, and sleek design they could—and they came up with this:

The updated version of the Emerson app, by the student-run mobile app team.

The updated version of the Emerson app, by the student-run mobile app team.

The app provides useful features, such as external and internal maps of Emerson’s campus, a redesigned faculty directory, course listings and schedules, the Emerson event calendar, easy access to campus resources, checking laundry and lab availability, a curated experience for new students via the orientation feature, and so much more.

Pat Timmons, a strategist on the team, is very hopeful for the app’s usability and growth as time goes on. He says, “The Emerson app is now something students will not only want to use, but also something students will want to work on and improve as time goes on. As more technology is released from the software we use, the better our app can serve our students, but for now it’s a huge step.”

Developer Ben Fuhrmann shares his thoughts about the process and his excitement for feedback in the future. “What most excited me about this project was the opportunity to build something that could really cater to the needs of students,” says Ben. “That was the goal from day one, so I’m especially excited for students to get their hands on it and tell me how I can make it even better in the months after launch.”

Mobile app banner: "Help us Help you. Download the new Emerson app now."

A banner ad designed by the student-run mobile app team reads, “Help us Help you. Download the new Emerson app now.”

The new Emerson App is now available in time for the start of orientation, bringing a new and exciting twist to how Emerson’s orientation typically runs. Jess Guida, a strategist on the mobile app team and a member of the core staff for orientation, is happy that “this app has created streamlined communication and a central hub for new students to access the information they need to have a successful orientation. It has allowed us to be more sustainable and simple with our scheduling.”

The app will be released by August 24, 2017 for everyone in the Emerson community to download. To learn more about what the mobile app has to offer and the development process, visit the mobile app page.

Meet the team of students:

Ben Fuhrmann ‘17

Ben Fuhrmann ‘17

Ben Fuhrmann ‘17 | Photo: Derek Palmer 2017

Ben is a Media Production major studying Game Design. He will be spending his final semester at Emerson in the Los Angeles program this fall. There he intends to hone his craft creating compelling games and experiencing what the industry has to offer.

Jess Guida ’19

Jess Guida ‘19

Jess Guida ‘19 | Photo: Derek Palmer 2017

Jess is a Media Studies major with a minor in Leadership and Management. Because of her work with the Undergraduate Orientation Program, Emerson Recognition and Achievement Awards, and Student Government Association, Jess plans on pursuing a career in Higher Education following her time at Emerson and is excited to see what her future holds.

Pat Timmons ’17

Pat Timmons ‘17

Pat Timmons ‘17 | Photo: Derek Palmer 2017

Pat is a Marketing Communications major with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. Through his many experiences in marketing, public relations, advertising, and the arts, Pat hopes to bring his skills to the entertainment industry after graduation, focusing on music.

This post was written by Pat Timmons, Ben Fuhrmann, and Jess Guida.