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Students wave to the camera and show their Emerson pride during move-in. Photo taken by Derek Palmer on 8/28/17 for Emerson College

Orientation Core Staff Can’t Wait to Welcome You to Emerson

by Annie Mashberg ’19

Orientation is an integral part of acclimating new students to the Emerson College campus and culture. The crew behind Orientation—the Core Staff and the Orientation Leaders—takes painstaking measures to be sure that incoming students have a positive and fun experience. We sat down with Core Staff member Grace Burns, class of 2019, to talk to her about the importance of Orientation as well as the creative process behind it all.

Q: What does a member of the Core Staff do?

A: Our tasks on Core Staff sort of depend on what you’re interested in. We all have around seven to nine tasks each, ranging from being in charge of move-in, to training new Orientation Leaders (OLs), to being a liaison for a certain office. My main task this summer is OL Questions, meaning that I’m in charge of training all of our OLs alongside my friend Jenna. I’m also helping write and plan the Intro Show which will introduce new students to Emerson culture, and I’m helping plan the Saturday night social program.

Q: What is your favorite part of Orientation?

A: Getting to help new students in any way I can is my favorite part of Orientation. Whether it’s just answering a quick question or having a more one-on-one conversation about something they may be interested in or worried about, it’s always so gratifying to be able to relieve any sort of stress or worry that a new student has before making such a big transition. The same goes for working with the OLs! I’m so excited to work with Jenna to create a program to prepare all of our OLs to be the student leaders we know they are.

Q: What do you think is the most important part of Orientation?

A: I think the most important part of Orientation is finding people that will help you get acclimated to the College. Not only do I mean learning about the different departments that Emerson has to offer, but I also mean in terms of finding support systems within newfound friend groups, your OLs, or other people you may meet throughout Orientation that will help you feel supported, grounded, and comfortable at Emerson.

Q: Why should other students get involved with the program as OLs?

A: People should get involved because not only is it a great way to get to know the incoming class, but it’s also a great way to make new friends with students you may have otherwise never met. I’ve met people from a lot of different backgrounds and majors throughout my time with the program that are now really close friends. One of my fellow Core Staffers, Kayla, always says that “there are just as many different types of new students as there are OLs,” meaning that not every Orientation Leader has to be super peppy and high-energy 24/7. This year we’re really stressing the importance of authenticity and diversity in the types of OLs that we hire, and we hope that this becomes a legacy and mainstay of the program moving forward.

Q: Additional information?

A: Learn more about Orientation on the website; also, check us out on Instagram at @EmersonOrientation or on Snapchat and Twitter at @ECOrientation for updates on the program and to get to know Core Staff better!  

Annie Mashberg is a Marketing Communications major in Emerson’s class of 2019. Her goal is to understand the good and bad effects of marketing on a global society and to utilize it for positive change. She wants to use marketing as an “outlet for imagination and creativity,” while staying within an ethical context.