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MJ Halberstadt on Writing the Web Series

By MJ Halberstadt, Department of Visual and Media Arts As I began preparing my syllabus for “Writing the Web Series” coursework for the fall, I decided to try to connect with the experts on the subject. But...

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Student Team Develops New, Improved Emerson App

Over the past summer, Emerson College has grown a lot. Through creating a new dining center, a new residence hall, and a new brand, Emerson has shown its willingness and excitement for change. In May 2017, Emerson...

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Camera Roll: Bobbi Brown Program in Makeup Artistry

Every summer, students in the Bobbi Brown Program in Makeup Artistry class gather in the brightly-lit Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker Design Technology Makeup Suite, wielding blush brushes and mascara wands and perfecting their makeup techniques. They...

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Emerson Entrepreneurs to Watch

By Lu Ann Reeb, Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at Emerson College Did you know that 54% of millennials say they plan to start their own business someday, and 70% of teens are thinking about being entrepreneurs? According...

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What Emerson Professors Do in The Summer

What do Emerson faculty members do when classes end in the spring? We were curious, so we handpicked several profs and asked them to let us in on their summer plans. There were the obvious things, like...

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